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Stram Kurs confirmed among line-up for 2019 General Election

Thirteen parties will take part in a vote that needs to take place by June 17 at the latest

Rasmus Paludan (photo: screenshot)
May 7th, 2019 9:27 am| by Ben Hamilton

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Interior has confirmed that Stram Kurs (Hard Line) will contest the 2019 General Election alongside 12 other political parties (see below) in Denmark.

The party, which was founded in 2017 by the extreme Islam critic Rasmus Paludan, will take the letter P on the ballot in an election that must take place by June 17 at the latest.

Until early last month its chances of receiving the necessary 20,109 voter declarations looked remote, but then the police and media did their bit in raising the party’s profile when one of Paludan’s demonstrations sparked off a riot in Nørrebro on April 14.

Raised terror threat?
Among Stram Kurs’ policies are a ban on Islam, expelling all non-Western people who have been granted asylum/who are not nationals, and withdrawing from international conventions on refugees. Paludan has also, on occasion, burnt the Koran, thrown it around in the air and wrapped it in bacon.

PM Lars Løkke Ramussen has condemned Paludan’s provocations as “meaningless” and ultimately divisory.

And Claus Hjort Frederiksen, the defence minister, has recently expressed concerns that Paludan’s actions will raise the terror threat in Denmark.

13 parties on ballot sheet

Socialdemokratiet (A)
De Radikale (B)
De Konservative (C)
Nye Borgerlige (D)
Klaus Riskær Pedersen (E)
SF, Socialistisk Folkeparti (F)
Liberal Alliance (I)
Kristendemokraterne (K)
Dansk Folkeparti (O)
Stram Kurs (P)
Venstre (V)
Enhedslisten (Ø)
Alternativet (Å)

Source: Økonomi- og Indenrigsministeriet