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Summer returning with a vengeance to Denmark

At least ten days of sunny weather ahead, although the forecasters don’t agree on exactly how hot or how long it will last

The sun isn’t going away anytime soon (photo: Pixabay)
August 23rd, 2019 10:31 am| by Ben Hamilton

In case it wasn’t obvious when you woke up today and took a walk around the house in your jim-jams and thought this will do for work, it’s officially shorts season again.

In Denmark, they have an official term for days when it is 25 degrees-plus and madness to wear long trousers: summer days.

And today is expected to be the first of a good handful over the next week and a half in Copenhagen and across Denmark, according to DMI.

So far in 2019, Denmark has had 26 summer days in 2019 (er, make that 27) – a long way off the 70 recorded last year.

Slight difference in opinion
A high pressure system has emerged east of Denmark, which will bring warm air from the south and southeast – initially to only half the country today, but then across the whole of Denmark from Saturday onwards.

Copenhageners can expect a warm weekend, even though DMI is only forecasting temperatures of 23-24 degrees, with the rest of the country only marginally warmer.

TV2 is more optimistic, predicting that the thermometer will reach 27 on Sunday in the south, and then as high as 28-29 degrees on Monday and Tuesday.

Nevertheless, TV2 is hedging its bets on whether the good weather will last beyond Wednesday. DMI is more confident, predicting it will continue all the way until Sunday.

The nights will be somewhat foggy and the mornings cloudy, forecasts TV2.