Summer roast to continue through August – The Post

Summer roast to continue through August

 High-pressure systems to continue bringing the heat over the next four weeks

Not going anywhere anytime soon, apparently (photo: Pixabay)
August 2nd, 2018 3:21 pm| by Christian W

Drought, indomitable heat, record amounts of sunshine. Sounds like a description of life during a dry year in the Serengeti. But it’s been Denmark for the past few months.

And it looks set to continue. According to the national weather forecaster DMI, the hot weather will stay with us throughout August.

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“For the first two weeks of August the weather will be a little more mixed, with occasional showers and perhaps a little low-pressure system with some rain. The weather will still be drier, sunnier and warmer than usual,” DMI wrote.

“For the last two weeks – looking ahead to August 26 – a high-pressure system will dominate once again. Despite a few uncertainties with the predictions, the consensus is that the weather will be dry, sunny and warm.”

Local forecasts could include some tropical nights and thunderstorms that might include a risk of cloudbursts and flooding.

So settle in for more sunshine and maintaining a tan that would even make Sonny proud. Skip the alligator though. It’s not the ’80s anymore.