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Surplus to scarcity: Changing tide of sperm from redheads

Sperm bank now struggling to meet demand

November 12th, 2014 3:25 pm| by admin

Four years ago the world’s biggest sperm bank, Cryos in Aarhus, was “drowning” in sperm from redheads, but now it is in short supply, Ekstra Bladet reports.

It is mainly heterosexual couples in which the man is redheaded, or lesbian couples in which one of the pair has red hair, who are keen to get their hands on sperm from a donor with the corresponding hair colour. “It can also be singles, but not nearly as often,” Ole Schou, the founder of Cryos, said.

International attention
“It’s about supply and demand, and non-anonymous redheads are especially lacking. They’re flying off the shelf and we can’t keep up,” Schou explained.

Schou added that many countries have introduced rules against dealing in anonymous sperm. “That’s draining us a bit of the sperm from non-anonymous donors,” he said.

The news four years ago regarding a surplus of sperm from redheads attracted international media attention for Cryos. “The news that we were rejecting donors with red hair was reported in thousands of TV broadcasts,” Schou described.

“In the USA alone, it was in 200 features a day for a while. It’s apparently an inexhaustible subject.”