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Sweden stepping up border control

Travellers to Sweden will need to show valid ID to purchase tickets

Sweden established temporary border controls earlier this month (photo: Matthew Ross)
November 25th, 2015 8:41 am| by Christian W

A tightening of asylum legislation in Sweden means that people travelling to Sweden from Denmark will probably have to present identification in order to even purchase a ticket.

The new control is part of more stringent asylum rules presented by the Swedish government yesterday.

“It mustn’t be possible to cross the border without a valid ID,” Erik Nises, the press secretary for Swedish PM Stefan Löfven, told Sydsvenskan newspaper. “Exactly how we will do it is something we will decide with the transport companies.”

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Refugees okay?
Sydsvenskan claims the demands will involve customers needing to show ID when purchasing ferry, bus and train tickets heading to Sweden.

According to Sydsvenskan, the move won’t have much of an impact on the current refugee crisis, as refugees often have passports and ID papers.