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Tabloid and TV news outlet handed historic judgement in pirate case

Press watch dog severely critical of coverage it says harmed captives

Captain Eddy Lopez said that press covergae put him in danger (Photo: YouTube)

December 11, 2013

by RW

In a historic decision, Pressenævnet, the press council, has issued a scathing criticism of the tabloid Ekstra Bladet and TV2 News for their handling of the story of Captain Eddy Lopez and his fellow prisoners, who spent 838 days in captivity after their ship was hijacked by Somalian pirates.

Lopez filed the complaints against the media outlets for sending freelance reporters to Somalia, which he said put his life in danger.

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Ekstra Bladet will be required to publish the council’s conclusions as a front page story and the paper’s website will also display a fact box linking to the text of the judgement.

TV2 will be required to read the verdict during its evening newscasts.

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