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Teacher deal reached

Employers and teachers settle on 15-point agreement

February 16th, 2015 12:27 pm| by admin

After nearly three days of negotiations that began on Friday, a 15-point, three-year agreement was reached for teachers to help ensure another lockout does not happen like it did two years ago.

A major point in the negotiations dealt with teachers' working time rules, which was one of the main points that caused the month-long teacher lockout in April 2013.

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“We have made a deal that points us forward. We have not solved all the challenges,” Anders Bondo Christensen, the head of the teachers' union, Danmarks Lærerforening, told Politiken.

“If we are to be successful in schools, it is important that we work together. What we have achieved is based on a willingness to co-operate.”

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Working hours
Part of the negotiations dealt with the issue of structuring working hours and teachers not having enough time to prepare for lessons.

Christensen noted that though they haven't been able to change the law that governs working hours, the new co-operative relationship allowed them to insert “decent and sound blocks” that would allow teachers to have “effective time for preparation”.

Another part of the agreement concerned structuring holiday time. The deal now allows teachers to be able to determine when they can take their sixth holiday week, which normally had to be taken during traditional school holiday weeks.

The agreement is set to take force at the beginning of April and continue for the next three years.

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