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Temperatures dropping: Here comes the frost

Weather to be clear, but cold this week

Sunny, but cold (photo: Pixabay)
October 28th, 2019 9:43 am| by Christian W

According to the national weather forecaster, DMI, the clouds of the past few weeks will dissipate this week and there will be more sunshine on the horizon.

But it will also mean that temperatures will drop below zero during the nights, and that the weather will be particularly cold on Monday and Tuesday night.

“It looks like we’ll see some nighttime frost this week. The frost will come for the first time on Monday night, when temperatures could plummet to minus 5,” Steen Rasmussen, a DMI spokesperson, told BT tabloid.

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No wind for a change
The areas of Denmark expected to see the coldest weather are in the central part of the country. That includes inland parts of Jutland, Funen and Zealand.

Rasmussen said that it will be warmer in the coastal regions and that the night frost will not last all week.

Day temperatures will hover around 8-11 degrees during the day, while the wind will almost be non-existent.