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Temporary bridge across Copenhagen Lakes removed as Metro nears completion

Locals campaigned in vain to keep the bridge across Sortedam Lake

A vanished relic of the past (photo: Twitter/Lene Krogh Jeppesen)
January 29th, 2019 3:13 pm| by Christian W

The temporary bridge that has stretched across Sortedam Lake in Østerbro since 2012 has been removed as the completion of the new City Ring Metro line draws near.

When construction of the City Ring started all those years ago, locals in Østerbro were aghast that one of the building sites would be located on the lake, but the temporary bridge would appear to have endeared itself to them over the years.

“The bridge has proven itself to be a massive asset to the area. The neighbourhood around Ryesgade has blossomed and is better connected to the area around Øster Farimagsgade, much to the pleasure of shoppers and residents,” Lars Rix, a local, told Østerbro Avis newspaper.

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A bridge too far
Rix also mentioned that the bridge provided a safer road to school and other activities for children in the area.

Hundreds of locals signed a petition to keep the bridge, but ultimately it had to be removed because Sortedam Lake is protected, according to Copenhagen Municipality. And constructing another bridge in its place is ‘a bridge too far’, said Ninna Hedeager Olsen, the deputy mayor for technical issues.

The Metro Company, meanwhile, is equipping the banks of the lake with permanent gravel pathways, grass and benches. Some remaining sheds, which have been needed as part of the process, will remain a little longer – most probably until the second quarter of the year.