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Tensions rising between Kurdish/Turkish communities in Denmark

Escalation in north Syria has exasperated an already fragile situation

Things could turn ugly (photo: Flickr/Roger Blackwell)
October 17th, 2019 5:09 pm| by Christian W

Turkey’s decision to assault Kurdish-controlled areas in north Syria has not only wreaked havoc and send hundreds of thousands of people fleeing for their lives, but it’s also flared up tensions between the groups in other countries as well.

Recently, people have been injured across Germany, and members of the two communities in Denmark are concerned that something similar could happen here. The discourse on social media has never been worse.

“People are afraid and I look an extra time over my shoulder when I’m out making speeches,” Serdal Benli, a local politician in and deputy mayor of Gladsaxe Municipality, told BT.

Benli said that he has seen many cases involving Kurds and Turks who de-friend one another on Facebook because of opinions relating to the conflict.

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Violence brewing?
Last year, the Turkish embassy in Copenhagen was attacked by four Kurdish men throwing Molotov cocktails, and a month later a pro-Kurdish demonstration was assaulted by Turks. Things could escalate once again, according to Deniz Serinci, a journalist with the Danish-Kurdish news outlet Jiyan.

“We risk a conflict flaring up between Kurds and Turks in Denmark. When it comes to war, it divides people and many have their feelings on their sleeves over this,” he told BT.

Kurds and Turks in Denmark have long boycotted one another’s restaurants and it’s to the point where neighbours don’t say hello because they are from opposing communities.