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The Danish Imports who have something to declare

(Photo: Federica Palomba)

August 23, 2014

by Federica Palomba

Inspired by his own experience, the British photographer Mattew James Harrison last week on Wednesday attended the opening night of his exhibition ’Danish Imports’, which looks at the many different kinds of foreigners who move to Denmark, whether it is for love, work or study.

(Photo: Federica Palomba)

To the chilled-out tunes of DJ Niko Yu, an expat himself, Generator Hostel on Adelgade in the city centre welcomed over a hundred interested visitors.

(Photo: Federica Palomba)

’The Student’, ’the Bride’, ’the Journalist’ and ’the Architect’ were four of the many subjects on the walls, telling their stories of how they came to Denmark.

(Photo: Federica Palomba)

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