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The end of manscaping in Denmark?

Rejoice, ape men! You’re back in style!

Why? (photo: bdjsb7 )
May 11th, 2016 8:45 pm| by Ray W

Put away the razor, dude. It has become fashionable once again for men to keep their natural hair on their abdomen and chest.

The metrosexual man with his manicured and trimmed body is headed to the fashion history books.

Hudplejegruppen, a cosmetics outfit in Odense, maintains a separate section for its male clientele, and beautician Sarah Savas says the trend for hairy men has been growing recently.

“It has come on strong within the past two years,” Savas told Metroxpress. “More men are choosing to keep the hair on their chests and stomach.”

Wax on, wax off
Savas said that it is typically men 35 years old and above that choose to go with the natural style, while younger men still prefer the ‘chest-as-an-ashtray’ look.

“We have many students in Odense, and they typically want everything waxed off,” she said.

According to Darren Langdridge, a professor of psychology and sexuality, men have progressively been favouring more hair everywhere over the past few years, noting the hipster trend of sporting heavy beards.

He also said that the gay ‘bear’ subculture, which celebrates men with beards and facial hair, has found its way into the heterosexual world.