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The mother of all stand-up routines

(Photo: www.republikken.dk)

December 13, 2013

by ALS & JG

US comedian Margaret Cho tackles maternity, sexuality, celebrity, drugs, politics, queerness and race in her outrageous routine ‘Mother’ at Bremen Teater this Saturday.Those expecting a light-hearted take on the foibles of motherhood are sure to be disappointed. The show, which Cho describes as “her edgiest to date”, spares nothing and no-one in its merciless tirade on the hypocrisy, venality, ignornace and narcissism implicit in contemporary western society, weaving elements of her experiences as a mother into the fabric of this hilarous, thought-provoking  show. JG

Bremen Teater, Nyropsgade 39-41,Cph K,Sat 20:00; tickets 290-320kr, www.billetlugen.dk; www.brementeater.dk

Geek Flea Market at Studenterhuset
If you have a soft spot for obscure LPs, a purist preference for console games from the ‘90s or are simply trying to find a fun gift for someone who was born back then, Studenterhuset’s monthly Geek Flea Market is a good bet. Celebrate your bargains with cheap and cold beer. ALS

Købmagergade 52, Cph K, Sun 11:00-17:00; www.studenterhuset.com

A Nightmare Before Christmas
Forget the Christmas carols and gear up for an electronic spectacle this Friday with A Nightmare Before Christmas, an audiovisual experience featuring performances by Lulu Rouge, MHM One, Jan Brandi,Bongo & Pusk,Lerager, Rasmus Lutzen, Rexie Lex,and Grunk, with visuals bySofus Walbom and Kring Colorups and appearences by the Lust Ladies. A various who’s-who of the underground electronic music scene,attendees can expect an energetic,  pyschoactive evening at an interesting venue that’s sure to help you forget your holiday stress. JG

Nørregade 12 and Krystalgade 22, Cph K; All evening Fri; tickets: 50kr

Christmas Night Market at Docken
The large Xmas market at Docken is, appropriately for the season, themed ’Make the World a Better Place’. If this is not enough to kindle your Christmas spirits, the pine and cinammon scents should do the rest. And while the market may extend into the night, it is a wholly child-friendly affair during the day. Especially on Friday, when Docken will house its own Saint Lucia procession. ALS

Docken, Damfærgevej 35, Cph Ø;  starts Thu (Dec 12), ends Sun; open 12:00-02:00; www.docken.dk

Sankt Hans Torv Christmas Market
Nørrebro’s hippest square will be populated by around 20 stalls selling decorations, toys, ceramics and all the usual useless pretty things. Should you leave empty-handed, do not worry, as you can explore the plethora of nearby second-hand stores instead. ALS

Sankt Hans Torv, Cph N; all day Sat

Rum Club
Far from a misnomer, this event is a cozy booze-soaked evening next Wednesday at Rum Club, the aptly named and well-reviewed bar in the heart of the city. Sample from a variety of over 300 rum blends and try to keep from falling over. Pirates welcome. JG

Købmagergade 61, Cph K; Wed 16:00-01:00

Republikken’s Black Christmas Party
Christmas is getting a tinge darker. Come hear music by DJ Waqar, Cockwhore & Macho, and DJ Lou Van. Admission is free and  beer is cheap (35kr), so don’t miss this opportunity to experience the dark side of the holidays. JG

Republikken,  Vesterbrogade 26, Cph V; free adm; Fri 22:00–04:00


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