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This week’s dates: Denmark's occupation & Bornholm's liberation

Any reason is a good reason to hoist the flag, though this one actually makes sense (Photo: Colourbox)

April 6, 2014

by The Copenhagen Post

It may be 74 years ago on Wednesday that Nazi Germany occupied Denmark, but April 9 is not forgotten.

It was a piece of pastry for the Nazis to conquer the Danes, who threw in the towel after two hours.

Most people woke up the next day happily unaware that they were living under the Third Reich.

You will be reminded of the Occupation by the Danish flags flying at half-mast until noon in memory of the fallen soldiers who fought in the resistance.

Did you hear the phone?
Staying with the Second World War theme, the sunny island of Bornholm will celebrate its liberation day on Sunday April 6.

Denmark was partying so loudly celebrating its own liberation in 1945 that no-one heard the phone when Bornholm called to tell the mainland that its island was being bombed to pieces by the Russians, who ended up staying there for a full year after the Nazis left Denmark.

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