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Top officials to be investigated in PET mess

Intelligence agency's spying on Pia Kjærsgaard may have consequences for top Justice Ministry officials

Morten Bødskov hands a 'Save Christiania' sweatshirt – and a troubled Justice Ministry – to Karen Hækkerup (Photo: Scanpix)

December 12, 2013

by AJ

The former justice minister, Morten Bødskov (S), handed over a rather messy ministry to Karen Hækkerup (S) today. As her welcoming gift, Bødskov displayed a bit of humour by presenting his replacement with a red 'Save Christiania' sweatshirt in a reference to the turmoil that cost him his job.

Hækkerup will now try and clean up Bødskov's mess by making several top officials in the Justice Ministry account for their involvement in the PET's illegal prying into the calendar of MP Pia Kjærsgaard (DF) to prevent her from attending a trip to Christiania in February 2012.

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Some officials may now risk losing their jobs if the government's legal advisor or Moderniseringsstyrelsen, the agency for the modernisation of public administration, finds that they are withholding information or that they advised Bødskov in the case.

The PET mess forced Bødskov to resign from his position on Tuesday after he admitted lying to parliament about his involvement.

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Both Bødskov and the former head of PET, Jakob Scharf, who also announced his resignation this month, explained that intelligence sources informed them that there was a security risk to Kjærsgaard if she visited Christiania, but that, in order to protect the intelligence source, they could not tell parliament's legal committee or Kjærsgaard about the specifics.

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According to Politiken newspaper, the government wants to put the messy situation in order as soon as possible, but there is no deadline for when the investigation will conclude.

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