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Tourists continue to flock to Denmark

The Germans have made a comeback to the Danish landscape

There has been a 7.9 percent increase in overnight stays so far this year (photo: iStock)
July 10th, 2015 3:48 pm| by Christian W

While 2014 offered up the most over-night stays by international tourists in Denmark since 2003, 2015 is looking even better so far, despite the miserable summer weather.

In 2014, there were 23.2 million over-night stays by foreign tourists, a number that looks to be eclipsed as there have been 7.9 percent more over-night stays so far this year compared to the same time last year. The Germans in particular have made a comeback to Denmark, up 10 percent compared to last year so far.

”It’s great that we can maintain the positive development and we can see the Germans are making a big return to Denmark,” said Jan Olsen, the head of the Danish tourism and travel organisation VisitDenmark.

“The Germans take their vacation when we are back at work, which means a better capacity utilisation in Denmark and better prices for the Germans.”

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Ich liebe Dänemark
The report (here in Danish) showed that the Germans are by far the largest group of tourists coming to Denmark with over 13 million coming across the border over the past year. Second is Norway (2.5 million) followed by Sweden (1.8), the Netherlands (1.0), the UK (735,000) and the US (500,000).

Tourist groups that experienced a decline in visits to Denmark over the past year included Russia (-20.1 percent), Austria (-9.3), Finland (-8.9), Japan (-7.4) and Italy (-3.6).

Tourism is one of Denmark’s largest export industries generating 92 billion kroner and some 111,000 jobs nationwide.