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Traffic noise an increasing burden in Danish homes 

Particularly those living in apartments are bothered 

Nothing like trying to get the kids to bed with choppers hammering past the house (photo: Pixabay)
August 7th, 2019 8:38 pm| by Christian W

You might know the feeling. Not being able to sleep with the windows open at night on a roasting summer night because of the noise outside. 

The honk of a car here, a police siren there, a bus blazing by, or perhaps the shrill shouting of some boozehound cycling home from their local bodega and after one too many Fernet Brancas. 

Well, join the party. 

Since 2000, the number of Danes bothered by traffic-related noise has more than doubled from 6 to 14 percent, according to a new report from the national institute of public health, Statens Institut forFolkesundhed. 

“The report doesn’t reveal the cause of the increase, but it could be connected to more traffic and cars on the roads. Another option could be that people have become more sensitive to traffic noise,” said Heidi Rosendahl, a co-author of the report. 

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Apartments apart
The figures are based on responses from 12,700 Danes, who pinpointed what they are bothered by in their homes.

Interestingly, the report (download it here in Danish) also showed that people living in apartments were more bothered by traffic noise (22 percent) compared to those who reside in houses (10 percent).

Not surprisingly, therefore, the Copenhagen area has the highest percentage of people bothered by traffic noise at home (18 percent) in Denmark.

Despite all this, it is actually noisy neighbours who irk the Danes the most at home (17 percent), while the smell of wooden-burning stoves (8 percent) and tobacco-related smells (7 percent) also were a considerable menace.

Research indicates that noise from traffic can lead to a decline in mental and physical health.

(photo: SDU)