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Train plans back on track

Togfonden will drastically cut travel times between major cities

It’s been quite a week for rail travel in Denmark (photo: Oxyman)
July 9th, 2019 6:11 pm| by Ruchi Pujari

Togfonden is back on track after being sidelined by Dansk Folkeparti.

The plan will ensure that passengers can travel between Denmark’s four major cities – Copenhagen-Odense, Odense-Aarhus, Aarhus-Aalborg, and Odense-Esbjerg – in just one hour.

The minister of transport, Benny Engelbrecht, told DR that the parties behind the settlement are meeting after the summer holidays in order to get the second phase of the agreement started.

“It is clear that there are some unresolved things in Phase two of Togfonden,” he added.

Togfonden’s goal is to facilitate services that are more stable, more timely and faster.

Engelbrecht acknowledges that there are still major challenges for the Danish rail network to overcome.