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Trump cancellation a huge cost to Denmark

Police, armed services, PET and Copenhagen Airport had all thrown considerable resources into the planning

Trump has been accused of being childish (photo: Baby Trump Tour)
August 21st, 2019 2:00 pm| by Edward Owen

Denmark is today picking up the pieces, and the tax-payer the bill, following US President Donald Trump’s cancellation of his state visit to Denmark due to Danish PM Mette Frederiksen turning down his offer to buy Greenland.

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With most of the world’s media concurring that the cancellation just 12 days before the visit is a curveball that left the ball park, Denmark has bigger concerns: namely the significant amount of time and resources dedicated to preparing for the visit, which have all gone to waste.   

Great frustration
A considerable amount of time and planning had already been made by the police, Rigspolitiet chair Claus Oxfeldt confirmed to TV2 Nyheder, 

“It creates great frustration that you have spent so much time preparing for a visit that turns into nothing,” he said. 

He went on to explain that police from all over the country had been drafted in for shifts in Copenhagen. The police operation was set to be one of the largest in Danish history. 

Extensive security plans made by the Danish armed services and the PET secret services will also be discarded as well.  

A far reaching operation
The state visit of a US President is not just a police operation, and there have been extensive costs incurred in the planning and preparation.

Copenhagen Airport is among those this morning ripping up plans to receive the president – plans which will have been far more extensive than for the average prominent visitor.  

And it is laughable to note that Trump has already tweeted how he is looking forward to rescheduling sometime in the future.

A UK comparison
Following Trump’s first official visit to the UK in July 2018, reports suggested that anywhere between 10 and 18 million pounds of public funding was drained (80-146 million kroner).

A subsequent visit to London in June 2019 was said to cost the Metropolitan Police 28 million kroner.

Each visit was met by widespread protests and the appearance of the infamous Trump Baby Blimp, which was rumoured to be making an appearance in Copenhagen.

Whilst these figures cannot be used to calculate the cost of the cancellation today, they do provide an indication of the sheer scale of the operation.