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TV this week: Cancelled series that left viewers crimson with rage

It always looks so much smaller on TV (photo: Scanpix)

July 11, 2014

by Ben Hamilton

The BBC cancelled The Crimson Field after one series due to disappointing ratings, while WW1 experts criticised its inaccuracies, but with 8.2 on IMDB, this female-centric tale of nurses working near the front line has legions of fans wishing they could rip up their licence fees in protest.

DR1, Tue 22:00 The Crimson Field


With Aiden Gillen (Littlefinger in Game of Thrones) on board for British crime miniseries Mayday, they wouldn’t dare cancelling a slow-moving procedural that has been compared to Twin Peaks  – and renewed for season two.

SVT1, Thu 22:00 Mayday


Elsewhere, watch Mrs Brown’s Boys (SVT1, Mon 22:35) from the start, while Dreams of a Life pieces together the life of a woman whose corpse lay undiscovered in a London bedsit for two years.


Little memory, big appeal

If a film succeeds in making me forget about my life for two hours, I often find I forget the film in due course, which was the case with Little Children (DRK, Sun 20:00). Other films are hard to forget, like Hysteria (DRK, Tue 22:10), which is about the invention of the dildo, and Just Wright (TV3, Sun 21:00) because it is just appalling. 


All eyes on Brazil

At the time of going to press, Germany were anxiously waiting to find out who they would meet in the World Cup Final.

Various channels, Sun 21:00 2014 World Cup Final (Photo: Scanpix)


Meanwhile, the British Open starts, this time in England, the Tour de France (TV2, all week) continues, this week in France, as does the Diamond League Athletics (SVT1, Fri 21:00), this time in Glasgow.

Viasat Golf, Thu 10:00 British Open (Photo: Scanpix)

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