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Union rep charged in connection with deadly train wreck

DB Cargo representative accused of hiding key evidence

The wreck was the worst in Denmark in 30 years (photo: Johnston9494)
August 9th, 2019 9:57 am| by Christian W

A person has been charged in connection with the train crash that killed eight people on the Great Belt Bridge in early January.

Funen Police has accused a union representative from German transport company DB Cargo of hiding key evidence pertaining to the accident.

More specifically, the person has been charged with concealing who was responsible for the loading and checking of the freight train that caused the accident when one of its wagons blew off and into an incoming passenger train. He reportedly removed a name from a list.

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Not guilty plea
A report has ascertained that it was a combination of high winds and a faulty lock mechanism that led to the disaster.

According to the union representative’s lawyer, he has pleaded not guilty to the charges. He has reportedly admitted that he removed a name from the list of names of people who control the trains, but rejects the notion that he did so in order to hide evidence in the case. Instead, he contends he did so because he wanted to fix an error.

The union representative was suspended by DB Cargo shortly after the accident and then sacked in May – despite the German firm stating several times that the man did not have any influence on the accident.