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Unusually mild weather expected for January

Some cities in Jutland are experiencing double digit temperatures today

Temperatures at 11 on January 8 2020 (Photo: DMI)
January 8th, 2020 12:39 pm| by Roselyne Min

Overdressed for January? Most of the country’s commuting cyclists might be inclined to agree following a baking hot ride into work this morning.

According to DMI, several cities in Jutland are basking in double-digit temperatures today, with Aarhus expected to hit 10.5 degrees and Viborg seeing as high as 10.7 – in Fahrenheit terms, that’s firmly in the 50s!

Nearly broke the record
This is close to the all-time record for the month in Denmark, which was set on January 10 in 2005, when the highest temperature was 12.4 degrees.

In stark contrast, the coldest temperature ever measured in January was minus 31.2 degrees in Thisted on 8 January 1982 – more than 40 degrees lower than the temperature this morning.

(Photo: Twitter @DMI)

Mild week ahead
DMI has forecast that the temperatures will fall over the rest of the day as the warm air moves towards the east.

It is expected to be unseasonably mild over the next week, however, with temperatures hovering between 5 and 9 degrees, and by the end of next week they might again hit double figures.