Up to 20,000 demonstrate in support of refugees in Denmark – The Post

Up to 20,000 demonstrate in support of refugees in Denmark

Protesters fill Copenhagen streets to demand better treatment for new arrivals

20,000 people protested in Copenhagen in support of refugees (photo: Vito Manzari)
October 7th, 2015 10:54 am| by Ray W

Up to 20,000 people protested in Copenhagen yesterday, asking for better treatment of the refugees streaming into Denmark and other countries across Europe.

The demonstrations started at Fredens Park in Østerbro, near the offices of the Immigration Service, and continued to Christiansborg Slotsplads where the marchers listened to speeches and music.

Protest organised on Facebook
Police said the demonstration snarled traffic for several hours. The group Velkomstkomiteen organised the protest over Facebook.

“Our treatment of people fleeing war and persecution is going in the wrong direction,” the group stated on its Facebook page.

Thomas Gammeltoft-Hansen, the head of research at the Institute for Human Rights, and Majbrit Berlau, the chairperson of the Danish Association of Social Workers, were among the speakers.

Børnefonden president Stine Bosse was also present. “We must help to create some lasting solutions,” she told DR Nyheder. “Both in Denmark and the rest of Europe.”

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