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US Democrats want to add Danish extreme nationalist group to terror list

Congress representatives propose placing the Nordic Resistance Movement on the same foreign terror groups’ list as Islamic State, Al-Qaeda and Hamas

The Democrats haven’t warmed to the group, despite the eagle emblem (photo:
October 21st, 2019 4:29 pm| by Thess Mostoles

The Nordic Resistance Movement (aka Northern Front) was created in Sweden in the late 1990s and also has a presence in Norway, Finland and Iceland. It describes itself as a “revolutionary national socialist fighting organisation”.

Many believe the group is feeding extreme nationalist views, and that it represents a possible threat. These concerns have reached the US, where a group of Democrats have petitioned the US Department of Foreign Affairs to include it on a list of current or potential threats to either the US or its allies.

The proposal, which was presented last Wednesday, is not only targeting the Nordic Resistance Movement. Other extreme nationalist right-wing organisations such as the Ukrainian group Azov Battalion and British National Action have also been included.

Unclear whether it will secure support
It was presented by Max Rose, a Democrat who is the American Anti-Terrorism Committee chairman, and it has been signed by 39 Democratic congressmen.
However, it is not certain the US secretary of state Mike Pompeo will implement the proposal due to tensions between Democrats and President Trump.

“It matters how Democrats sell the proposal. If they use it as an attack on Trump, Republicans are bound to take Trump’s side,” US analyst Mirco Reimer-Elster told TV2.

Rose has unsuccessfully tried to gather Republican support for the proposal.

“It is incredibly clear that these groups right now have the capabilities to carry out terrorist attacks. They are certainly embarking on radicalising measures that threaten their homeland,” he told The Hill.

Right-wing extremism growing in Denmark
While not blaming by name the Nordic Resistance Movement, the Danish Center for Terror Analysis (CTA) published a report on the terror threats against Denmark in which it expressed concern about extreme right-wing tendencies.

The CTA estimates that the threat from the extreme right-wing has increased against religious and ethnic minorities, as well as selected politicians.

It also points to an increase in their capacity and access to weapons, as well as the rising likelihood they will use violence.