US praises Danish-led effort to remove Libyan weapons

Danish ships are on the way to Germany following an efficient loading

The Danish ships are on the way to Germany (photo: Søværnet)
September 2nd, 2016 11:30 am| by Christian W

Denmark’s efforts to help remove chemical weapons from Libya has not gone unnoticed, particularly among its allies, such as the US.

Two Danish ships are currently carrying the chemical weapons to Germany, where they are due to be destroyed as part of a Danish-led mission.

The White House issued a statement yesterday commending the Danes.

“We thank the OPCW and the members of the international community for uniting to take swift action to help eliminate the vestiges of Libya’s chemical weapons stockpile,” Ned Price a spokesperson for the National Security Council, wrote.

“We appreciate the important role of Denmark, which has provided maritime assets to safely remove the chemicals from Libya, as well as the significant support provided by Germany, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Finland.”

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Swift and effective
Some 500 tonnes of chemical weapons were loaded onto ships in just 12 hours before being sailed out of the harbour in Misrata on Saturday.

According to the Danish flotilla admiral Torben Mikkelsen, the process of loading up the chemical debris into containers and getting it out of Libya was completed quickly and efficiently.