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Vast majority of mobile phone chargers in Denmark are illegal

Many are downright dangerous and could cause fires or electrocution

Be wary of your charger – CE certified or not! (photo: Pixabay)
April 24th, 2019 10:10 am| by Christian W

Your average mobile phone charger may seem innocuous enough at first sight, but actually it is worth taking a hard look at them, as many can be illegal and even dangerous.

As part of its program ‘Kontant’, national broadcaster DR checked 11 samples in random Danish shops and webshops and found that nine had erroneously been given the CE certification mark of health and safety standards and five were downright dangerous as they could cause fires or electrocution.

In addition to this, the Sikkerhedsstyrelsen safety technology authority has randomly tested 25 chargers annually over the past three years and found that 40 percent were dangerous and needed to be recalled.

“Producers and importers have a massive problem in regards to adhering to the rules. The error rates are so high that consumers can’t be sure they are safe,” Jan Møller Mikkelsen, the deputy head of Sikkerhedsstyrelsen, told DR Nyheder.

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Charging up a hazard
Sikkerhedsstyrelsen indicates that it has found 350 different chargers on the Danish market and upwards of 150 are considered dangerous to consumers.

But while the authority has the power to report importers and distributors of dangerous chargers to the police, not a single fine has been handed out.

“No fines have been handed out to my knowledge, and there are potentially loads of dangerous chargers out there,” said Mikkelsen, who contends that it is up to the politicians to decide whether other forms of punishment should be introduced to tackle the problem.

According to an Epinion survey conducted on behalf of DR, 7 percent of the Danish population has experienced a charger for a computer, tablet or mobile phone short-circuiting. Of these, 25 percent experienced a charger that begun to smoke, and 9 percent had a charger that burst into flames.

The tested chargers that failed came from the shops Kvickly, Normal, THansen,, BlueCity, Sparkøb, Power, AV-cables and AVxperten. Only two passed the test and they were from Bilka and

Tips for safer charging:

– Do not charge your electrical appliance when you sleep. It’s important to stay close and keep an eye on your charger so you can act quickly if it gets hot or starts smoking

– Turn off the power switch or fully remove the charger when you are not charging. As long as the charger is connected, there is a risk of a short circuit or overheating

– Never leave the charger on any flammable material such as a sofa or bed while charging. If the charger should short-circuit, it is essential that the surface is not easy to ignite

– Do not cover the charger as it is important that it can get rid of heat

– Always use a charger that is designed for charging, and make sure that both the connector and the technology fit together

– Be aware that your charger becomes very hot during charging. It may be warm, but if it gets very hot, there is a risk of overheating

– Do not use the charger if either the cord or plug has visible damage