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Venstre paid 152,000 kroner for Lars Løkke's suits

Opposition leader accused of overspending on men's fashion while serving as prime minister

I hope you like my new suit. You paid for it! (Photo: Scanpix)

May 13, 2014

by AJ

Over the course of ten months, opposition party Venstre (V) spent 152,000 kroner on exclusive suits to expand party leader Lars Løkke Rasmussen's wardrobe, according to receipts disclosed by Ekstra Bladet.

The receipts reveal that Rasmussen spent taxpayers' money in his favourite menswear store Zornig, while serving as prime minister in 2010 and 2011.

No comment
Rasmussen refused to comment on the receipts covering 28 shirts, nine suits, 21 ties, 17 pairs of socks and eight boxer shorts.

Party secretary Claus Richter confirmed that Ekstra Bladet's information was correct, but clarified that Rasmussen would cover the expenses himself if he used the clothes for anything other than campaigning and photo shoots.

It's not the first time Rasmussen has been accused of spending taxpayers' money on personal items. In 2012, his party decided to pay 110,000 kroner to instal a smoking booth in the prime minister's office.

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