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Well-known designer loses rights to her own name

Benedikte Utzon can no longer put her name on her clothing

Benedikte Utzon can no longer use her own name on her clothing (photo: benedikteutzon.dk)
December 2nd, 2015 4:22 pm| by Ray Weaver

The well-known Danish designer Benedikte Utzon can no longer put ‘designed by Benedikte Utzon’ on her collections, according to a decision handed down today in the commercial court, Sø og Handelsretten.

Utzon’s company went bankrupt in 2012, and the company Topbrands purchased the trademark from the bankruptcy estate.

“I am truly hurt, way down in my heart,” Utzon told DR Nyheder. “I am also angry. Someone has taken something from me that I have worked on for 30 years, and there is nothing I can do.”

The court ordered Utzon to pay a 5,000 kroner fine, court costs of 65,000 kroner and 125.000 kroner to Topbrands.

Couldn’t afford her own name
Utzon had the opportunity to buy back her name for 20,000 kroner in 2012, but said she could not afford it.

“In the same week that I went bankrupt I moved from the person I had been living with, and I was also responsible for a small child. I simply did not have 20,000 kroner,” she said.

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Utzon said she would like to appeal, but doubts she can afford it.

“It is a matter of principle, and I should appeal, but it costs a fortune,” she said.

“This is a great injustice to me and others who work to build up their name.”