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Wet ’n wild: Rain about to descend in force

Cloudburst potential as thunderstorms moves up from Germany

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September 28th, 2017 8:19 am| by Christian W

Following a few days of decent weather, taking this summer into consideration, you can start unpacking your wellies and umbrellas once again.

Temperatures are expected to fall a few degrees and the weekend will most likely be quite rainy – the national meteorologist DMI contends that over 30 mm will fall in the Copenhagen Region over the weekend and Monday.

Furthermore, DMI predicts that north Jutland could see well over 50 mm during that time-span.

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Cloudburst possibility
The showers will be heavy in some parts of Denmark, and the weather system, which is moving up through southern Germany this morning, is likely to bring thunderstorms and a risk of flooding.

The showers could potentially drop large quantities of rain in a short period of time, exceeding the 15 mm of rain/half an hour needed to officially call it a cloudburst.

This weather is expected to move up to Lolland and south Jutland sometime today, before pushing further north to Funen and the more northern parts of the country.