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What dragged you away from your home in 2013 | Top ballet

The InOut team pay tribute to the performances, shows and events that have impressed them the most over the last 12 months.

Romeo and Juliet (Photo: Costin Radu)

January 6, 2014

by Franziska Bork Petersen

1. Romeo and Juliet   
John Neumeier’s 1971 choreography that ingeniously characterises the dancers was set to Prokofiev’s magnificent score. A cast of fantastic leads made acrobatic lifts seem like the natural response to newly-found love.   

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2. La Ventana 
Principal dancer Gudrun Bojesen gave her remarkable staging debut. Her layering of traditional and new material in August Bournonville’s 1856 ballet worked surprisingly well.

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3. Come Fly Away 
What some sneered at as the Royal Danish Ballet’s populist turn to Broadway was in fact a lovingly staged evening with strong character performances, a smart integration of Sinatra’s music and – admittedly – top glitz in abundance.

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4. Dance 2 Go  
The budget performances in which every seat in the auditorium costs 200 kroner were stripped of their live music this year. But while the Royal Danish Orchestra is sorely missed, Dance 2 Go’s abstract spring bill was a fine one.

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5. New York City Ballet 
The New York City Ballet visited with a breathtaking triple bill of works by the company’s founder George Balanchine and a less impressive modern programme.

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