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Who is Lars Hjortshøj?

(Photo: DR / Agnete Schlichtkrull)

December 7, 2013

by Andreas Jakobsen

You better watch out, you better not cry, because this nation’s favourite Santa Claus carries skeletons around in his sleigh. 

He looks like a jolly fellow.
That’s why he has been Father Christmas twice. He first played him in the TV2 Christmas calendar ‘Ludvig & Julemanden’ (Ludvig and Santa Claus) in 2011. And this Christmas, he has reprised the role in the sequel ‘Tvillingerne & Julemanden’ (the twins and Santa Claus) that started on December 1.

He must really like Christmas.
Actually he couldn’t care less. He once said that he doesn’t even decorate the house in December. He is also scared of nisser, the Christmas elves that feature heavily in the calendar show. “Nisser are scary,” he told Ekstra Bladet. “Are they midgets? Are they kids? What are they?”

So Santa isn’t his favourite role?
He regards ‘Broder Salsa’ on Casper Christensen’s late night show ‘Casper & mandrilaftalen’ (Casper and the mandrill appointment) from 1999 as his funniest. That was in a sketch about a sweaty carpet folder who is charged with raping a weather cock and then makes a living shaping piles of granola like capital cities.

Is he is best known for that?
No. His most memorable character is the dim-witted Robert Dølhus in the sitcom ‘Langt fra Las Vegas’ (A long way from Las Vegas), also with Christensen in the lead role. Most people will immediately know who you are referring to if you say “Vis mig dine patter, kælling” (Show me your tits, bitch). Go ahead and try it.

So he often makes shows with Casper Christensen?
The pair have had some hits, but also a few disasters. No TV show has ever lost as many viewers as fast as ‘Safari’ did in 1996 – partially because they stole some sketches from the British series ‘A Bit of Fry & Laurie’.

What else has he been in?
In the film ‘Klovn – The Movie’ you see some nasty close-up photos of his jingle bells in a high-class brothel. Good luck erasing that image from your memory tonight when you watch ‘Tvillingerne & Julemanden’ with your kids.

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