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William and Ida are Denmark’s most popular names again

Hugo and Ellie, meanwhile, are the fastest risers

The chances of this baby being called William or Ida are 1.7 percent (photo: Tom Purves/Flickr)
July 11th, 2019 10:04 am| by Ben Hamilton

‘Game of Thrones’ might be the world’s most popular TV series, but none of its characters’ names have managed to dislodge the tried and trusted favourites when it comes to naming babies in Denmark.

Just like in 2017, William and Ida were the most popular boy and girl choices last year, according to Danmarks Statistik.

An impressive 19 out of every 1,000 boys were named William, while Ida accounted for 15 of every 1,000 girls.

William’s usurpers are gathering force
William is continuing a decade of dominance that has seen it, excluding 2016 when it finished second, be the top boys’ name every year since 2010.

However, while it is the most popular name in north and central Jutland, it faces usurpers elsewhere, with Oscar the most preferred boys’ name in the capital region, Noah reigning supreme in Zealand and Malthe planning a revolution in southern Denmark.

New to the top 50 this year are Pelle, Anker, Laurits and Hugo – the latter is the faster riser in the top 100 following a huge leap from 56th to 27th. The popularity of old favourites Jacob and Thor is plummeting, meanwhile, with both losing their place in the top 50, along with Sigurd and Magne.

Some 40 percent of the top 20 are names beginning with either ‘A’ or ‘E’.

Ida edges it from Emma, with Ella on the charge
Ida likewise had two of the country’s five regions sewn up – central Jutland and southern Denmark – but faces a strong challenger in the capital region in the shape of Ella, while Sofia tops the charts in Zealand and Freja was most popular in north Jutland.

It’s interesting to note that Ella, at number four overall, is fast catching up its counterpart Emma, which remains second, just three babies’ names short of tying Ida for first place.

New to the top 50 this year are Johanne and Gry, while Ellie was the fastest riser, jumping 12 places from 36th to 24th. Meanwhile, Nanna and Mynte fell out of the top 50.

Josephine is the only name in the top ten not to end in the letter ‘A’.

Top 10 most popular names: Boys and Girls


  1. William
  2. Noah
  3. Oscar
  4. Lucas
  5. Victor
  6. Malthe
  7. Oliver
  8. Alfred
  9. Carl
  10. Valdemar


  1. Ida
  2. Emma
  3. Alma
  4. Ella
  5. Sofia
  6. Freja
  7. Josefine
  8. Clara
  9. Anna
  10. Karla