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Winding up one of Denmark’s top ten warmest summers in history

June through August saw an average temperature of 16.8 degrees

Zealand saw higher temperatures than Jutland (photo: DMI)
September 3rd, 2019 9:51 am| by Christian W

With rain and dwindling temperatures gripping Denmark in earnest today, it looks safe to say the summer is over. It was a good one though. Perhaps not as formidable as last year’s roasting, but still in the top ten … of all time.

According to the national weather forecaster DMI, June, July and August recorded an average temperature of 16.8 degrees, making the summer of 2019 the ninth warmest since measurements started being registered in 1874.

An average July prevented 2019 from challenging last year’s 17.7 degrees, which tied the all-time record set in 1997.

“July 2018 was 2.5 degrees warmer than this year, while June and August have been about the same in terms of temperature, as they were 0.3 degrees warmer than last year,” said Mikael Scharling, a DMI climatologist.

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More sun and rain than 1961-90
The Danes have also enjoyed quite a bit of sunshine this summer, with 676 hours comparing favourably to 2006-15 and well above the 1961-90 norm.

Denmark experienced 217 mm of rain this summer, which is slightly lower than the general figures recorded from 2006-15, but above the 1961-90 average of 188 mm.

“A large part of the rainfall has come in the form of heavy showers, and there were particularly many cloudbursts at the beginning and the end of the month,” said Scharling.