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Winter ain’t over until Copenhagen Municipality says so … but it is now

City Hall calls time on tamest winter for quite some time

Quick! Call the emergency response team. This ain’t no DMI false alarm (photo: heb@Wikimedia Commons)
April 24th, 2019 9:34 am| by Ben Hamilton

It’s probably safe to say you can put the gloves and winter coat away into storage for another year.

We’ve all been there – a week of Mediterranean temperatures instils false confidence into cyclists, strollers and sports club members all over the country, and then, in the space of just one hour, sunshine gives way to snow.

Where are your gloves now, you ask. At home in a cupboard, and you’ve got to cycle 15 km through a blizzard.

Tamest winter for a while
But on Monday April 22, fully one month and a day after the official start of spring, Copenhagen Municipality officially called time on winter, and it is fair to say it has been the tamest for quite some time.

The municipality’s winter emergency preparedness workers, who stand ready to salt the pathways of the city to prevent slipperiness and remove snow if need be, were activated only 18 times over the season – the lowest figure in over a decade.

In comparison, the winter of 2017-18, which was pretty mild compared to most years bar a really cold snap in March, had 48 emergency calls.

In total only 2,500 tonnes of road salt has been used this past winter – well below the average 6,000 normally applied.

Only January was properly cold
Broken down, the 18 calls resulted in 14 preventive saltings and four snow clearances.

Only January lived up to expectations, with December and February only generating emergency calls on one and two occasions respectively.

And March, which had 17 calls in 2018, also only produced one this year.