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Winter storm predicted by end of the week

Winds will be as strong as October's storm, but this time they are predicted to last much longer

Will we be cleaning up more fallen trees this weekend? (Photo: Peter Stanners)

December 3, 2013

by JC

Winter is set to deliver a wallop by the end of this week. 

According to weather prognoses, a winter storm will arrive on Thursday or Friday, potentially carrying with it wind strengths approaching those experienced during the October 28 storm. 

Meteorologists are predicting that a powerful storm system will begin forming near the southern tip of Greenland later today before working its way eastward to Scandinavia. The weather service Accuweather predicts that Denmark could see winds in excess of 100 km/h beginning on Thursday and continuing through Friday. It also warns of potential power outages in the areas hit hardest by the wind. 

Unlike the October 28 storm, which brought a fair amount of damage in a relatively short time, this week’s predicted storm may see strong winds for as long as 24 hours. According to TV2, the last time Denmark experienced up to 24 hours of hurricane-strength wind was in November 1981. 

While the national meteorology institute DMI predicts temperatures below freezing in the early morning hours of both Friday and Saturday, it is currently predicting only a minor amount of precipitation in the form of sleet and/or snow.

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