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World’s smallest restaurant opening in Denmark

As it suggests, Restauranten 1:1 serves a single patron

Table for one then, monsieur (photo: Pixabay)
April 29th, 2019 1:44 pm| by Christian W

Two years ago it was revealed that the smallest hotel in the world was actually in Copenhagen, offering only one room in Vesterbro at just 2.3×3 metres in size.

Now, it has emerged that the smallest restaurant in the world will also be opening in the Danish capital – temporarily at least.

From today, Restauranten 1:1 will serve a single guest at a time from its kitchen at Gammel Kongevej 139 in Frederiksberg as part of an initiative created by the chef William Milsted in co-operation with the supermarket Irma.

“Restauranten 1:1 will be an intense sensory experience that underlines the importance of the meal. You eat alone and can fully concentrate on your meal, while realising that ‘ready-made’ food can taste home-made if it is prepared properly,” said Milsted.

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Sold out quick
The initiative seeks to focus on how the eating habits of the busy Danes don’t necessarily need to go hand in hand with poor quality.

The restaurant will serve Irma’s To-Go meals, which have been developed in tandem with Cofoco, Lê Lê, Letz Sushi, GrødxHanegal, Wooden Spoon and Meyers. Specially-chosen beer and wine will accompany the meals.

The tiny eatery has the space for one guest, a waiter and a chef. The food is free, but all available reservations have already been swept up.