Danish sustainable beer cooler digging up success

It is frost proof and can be left buried in the ground during winter without the cylinder or beer cans getting damaged

May 30th, 2014 12:27 pm| by admin

Four Danes from the island of Mors in north Jutland have come up with an ingenious and sustainable way to keep their beer cool during the sweltering summer months. And with the World Cup approaching, their timing couldn't be better.

Along with Ole Davidsen, Viggo Berg and Haagen Sørensen, Klaus Peter Bach has designed the eCool Can Cooler, a cylinder that is designed to be dug down into the garden or terrace and to be cooled by the earth.

“I had a bench at the end of my garden with a view of the fjord, so I thought about digging down a milk can to keep my beers cold,” Bach told Ingeniøren newspaper. “But that’s a bit difficult, so I came up with a much simpler solution.”

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Cold beer, hot sales
The cooler, which does not require electricity, holds 24 cans that can be retrieved from the buried cylinder by the turn of a handle. It is 113cm in height, about 30cm in diameter and weighs 12 kilos. It is also frost proof and can be left buried in the ground during winter without the cylinder or beer cans getting damaged.

The Mors boys have been selling their beer coolers online since February and sales have been going through the roof since the IT company Instinkt redesigned their website, although the catchy slogan ‘Save the world – one earth cooled beer at a time’ probably helped as well.

“Our sales have been going nice and easy, but Instinkt have pushed up sales numbers,” Bach told Ingeniøren .

“In the last two hours we have sold eleven and got loads of international coverage. We’ll actually have trouble delivering if this tempo keeps up.”

Even though the company has a warehouse, assembling the cylinders by hand and quality-testing them takes time. 

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