Copenhagen Fashion Week, Day 1

Noma unseated from its number one position (photo: Antissimo)
February 3rd, 2015 2:31 pm| by admin

Copenhagen Fashion Week was just breathtaking! So much talent and new designs, it felt like a trip into the unknown. The official opening show was Fonnesbech, which came with navy blue shades and post WW I inspiration. 

Nicklas Skovgaard (Photo: CPHFW)

The day continued with shows by Nicklas Skovgaard, Mark Kenlt Domino Tan, Sand, Nørgaard, Han Kjøbenhavn, Great Greenland and Jesper Høvring and the great Henrik Vibskov. 

Design by Maikel  Tawadros (photos: CPHFW)

Design by Ager Juel Larsen (photos: CPHFW)

Design By Stasia, Lace By Stasia (photos: CPHFW)

Design by Han Kjøbenhavn (photos:CPHFW)

 I was truly mesmerised by Han Kjøbehavn’s Apparat fashion show and Vibskov’s 'Messy Message', both of which were full experiences for the viewers.

Design by Mark Kenly Domino Tan (photos: CPHFW)

Design by Mads Nørgaard (photos: CPHFW)

Design by Sand (photos: CPHFW)

Design by Great Greenland & Jesper Høvring ( photos: CPHFW)

Design by Henrik Vibskov  (photo: CPHFW) 





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