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April 19th, 2012 11:32 am| by admin

Denmark’s biggest film festival continues its occupation of our city’s cinemas. Here’s a selection of films for the week ahead.  




Human Centipede 2 – The controversial gross-out cinema event of 2010 has apparently been followed by something twice as gross. Banned in several countries including the UK (temporarily – while 2 minutes and 37 seconds were excised) the sequel has garnered twice the notoriety of its predecessor. While the first was concerned with a mad surgeon fusing three teens to form the titular beast, this sequel breaks the fourth wall focussing on an individual obsessed with reenacting the original film. Nothing sells like censorship. You have been warned … 

Husets Bio; 19:30 


Messur Chups & Tremelo Beer Gut – Why not finish your evening with some live music from Russian B-movie enthusiasts Messur Chups? Oozing a cinema savvy retro aesthetic, the band are joined by like-minded Danish rockabillies Tremelo Beer Gut. 

Loppen; 21:00




Martha Marcy May Marlene –  The debut of writer/director Sean Durkin, this haunting drama has received universally rave reviews and looks set to continue collecting more of the same. The plot focuses on a young woman suffering from delusions and paranoia after returning to her family from an abusive cult in the Catskill Mountains.

Grand Teatret; 21:30




Corman’s World: Exploits of a Hollywood Rebel  – A tribute to cinema’s original misfit, director/producer and studio outsider Roger Corman, who made a slew of horrors and beatnik classics while giving many non-union opportunities to the talents  we consider to be today’s industry greats (Martin Scorsese, Jack Nicholson etc).

Cinemateket; 14:00


Night Of The Living Dead – Last year, the staging of Dawn Of The Dead at Fisketorvet shopping centre proved so popular that this time around they’re serving up Romero’s original zombie classic in a rural setting to mimic the film’s countryside locations. 

Catch the bus at DGI Byen at 20:00 or Vig Station at 21:30; 100kr




Diaz, Don’t Clean up this Blood – A hard hitting fiction film about real-life events taking place in 2001 during the Genoa G8 summit. A British journalist Mark Covell was beaten to a pulp and left comatose thanks to the brutality of Italian riot police. This reconstruction (with English subtitles) traces events based on the testimonies of Covell and others. Director Daniele Vicari, also known for documentary film work, is reported to have portrayed events with astonishing realism.  

Grand Teatret; 19:00 




Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy 3D – A softcore kung-fu film (with English subtitles)from China? In 3D? Got to be worth a sneaky peek, right?

Imperial; 21:30 




I Wish –  Set to be regarded a Japanese Ingmar Bergman, Hirokazu Koreeda has been quietly crafting some of the best and most inventive film dramas for over two decades (Afterlife, Still Walking). If you like the films of Yasujiro Ozu, you really should seek out Koreeda’s work too. 

Dagmar Teatret; 19:00




Killer Joe  – It appears that William Friedkin, the director of such ‘70s classics as The Exorcist and The French Connection, is at the age of 76 intent on making something of a comeback. Say hello to Killer Joe. 

Palads; 21:30


4:44 Last Day on Earth – Willem Dafoe stars in this latest offering from Abel Ferrara (Bad Lieutenant). We are invited to witness the end of the world through the relationship between a young painter and a famous actor in this, a film described as an ‘apocalyptic valentine’…

Gloria; 21:30

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