Tastes of Judaism, England, cake and a picnic

June 8th, 2012 2:19 pm| by admin

It is a good week for the arts, as there are several events focusing on its different forms, covering music, film, art and ballet. It is an especially good week for those interested in Jewish culture, as the Jewish Culture Festival is in town. Ballet fans should also be pleased, as the Danish Royal Ballet has something special prepared. Last, but certainly not least, the Diamond Jubilee of the English queen is being celebrated in style.

Jewish Culture Festival
Try a taste of Jewish culture, including music, film and art. Amir Asor, an Israeli who has devised a teaching method using Lego to help children who struggle to learn conventionally, will speak at the festival on Sunday between 10:00 and 11:00. Afterwards he will spend the day at the Taste of Israel stall in the synagogue courtyard, where visitors can meet him. If your living room is in need of new art, pick up a new print to hang on your walls. Tal R, one of Denmark’s most celebrated artists, has designed a woodcut for the festival, and signed and numbered prints will be on sale. Several films will be shown, including Matchmaker at 15:00 and The Human Resources Manager at 17:15, both on Monday. At the concert in the synagogue on Sunday, you’ll have the opportunity to watch seven artists perform in seven hours. From choral music to opera and from klezmer to jazz and blues, the concert will cover a wide spectrum of genres performed by renowned Jewish musicians including Thomas Peter Koppel and Benni Chawes. The festival is the product of co-operation between Jewish organisations, artists and countless volunteers in Copenhagen. SM
Jewish House, Krystalgade 12, Cph K; starts Sun, ends Mon; free adm, concert: 235kr, movie: 75kr; www.mosaiske.dk, www.jewishculture.dk


Jubilee Concert
Not quite as loud as Madness on the roof of Buckingham Palace, a concert will take place this Friday to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of the English queen. The Concordia Chamber Choir from London will sing a concert that includes works by Howells, Tallis, Bruckner, Purcell, and ends with Whitacre’s ‘With a Lily in Your Hand’. All are welcome, and there will be a collection in support of the St Alban’s Windows Restoration Appeal.
St Alban’s Church, Churchillparken, Cph K; Friday 20:00; free adm


ACTS festival for performance art
An impressive factory hall will be the stage for performances such as Tanya Mars’s Dulci, during which she sits behind a beautiful table set with candles, 500 plates and 40 enticing cakes. The only catch is that she will eat and enjoy the experience alone, without offering anyone a taste, let alone a slice. Lilith Performance Studio will present four different art performances like this one – all devised between 2010 and now. EB
Museum of Contemporary Art, Roskilde; June 16-17; Sat 16:00-20:00, Sun 15:00-18:00; Tickets: Day pass 60kr, Weekend pass 100kr, Free adm for children and students; Purchase tickets at www.billetnet.dk or pay cash at Hall 9 entrance 

Royal summer ballet
Once again it is time to pull out your picnic rug and enjoy some ballet and modern dance in the open air. The Danish Royal Ballet is paying homage to the summer months with a delightful performance being toured around seven cities. It’s the seventh time the company has done a summer show of this kind. The programme opens on Sunday in Odense and concludes in Horsens on June 17. See the website for details. EB

Various cities around Denmark; starts Sun, Sun-Thu at 19:00 and Fri-Sat at 15:00; free adm; www.kglteater.dk

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