Year in Review: Best Danish music acts of 2012

The InOut team looks at the best homegrown music talent of 2012

December 21st, 2012 1:57 pm| by admin

Allan Mutuku-Kortbæk's picks: 


1. Tako Lako

Tako Lako are a Danish band that make loud, chaotic Balkan beat with a gypsy twist. To pull off such a cocky concoction in a pop-obsessed nation is a bold move.  The band remains allegiant to their roots in Balkan music despite their meteoric ascendency to fame this year, the catalyst of which was being signed to none other than Sony records. An assault on the kitsch wasteland of mainstream pop music is nigh. 


2. Raske Penge

Humility and honesty are as rare as moon pearls on the local dancehall scene. Raske Penge's anthems have added a soulful stroke of genius and quick wit to Denmark's music scene, and unlike many performers on the dancehall stage, the Nordvest resident hasn't gotten ahead of himself. 


3. The Rumour Said Fire

Just when we were starting to forget the familiar, friendly folk sounds of their amazing 2009 hit 'The Balcony,' the indie-folk band burst back on the radar with a stunning new album, Dead Ends. As lively as the blue and lilac cover art on this  album, The Rumour Said Fire are on course for a great 2013 if their achievements this year are anything to go by. 


Lukas Graham4. Lukas Graham

He may be a tad too sure of himself, but Christiania-bred Lukas Graham has had a big year in 2012. His sublime vocal talents alone are worth credit and for a debut album, his eponymous work is something he can be very proud of. Watch out for this kid. 


5. When Saints Go Machine

The Saints haven't been as active this year as they were in 2011. However, a well earned 'P3 Guld' award back in April accompanied by a modest performance at DR's concert house just about does enough to squeeze them into the top five. 


The best of the rest:

6. Vessel

7. Klumben 

8. Spleen United 

9. CTM

10. Efterklang


Michalis Nielsen's picks:


Choir of Young Believers 1. Choir of Young Believers

The avant-rock musical collective conjured up massive recognition and awe in 2012, especially in the wake of the release of the critically acclaimed Rhine Gold in March. Front man and visionary Janos Makrogiannis proved his insatiable appetite for endless variations of genre, haunting symphonies both grandiose and progressive in execution. The collective ended the year appearing unstoppable.


2. Efterklang

Efterklang returned to the indie rock scene with the release of their album Piramida, a sensational album pack filled with timbres of autumn colours and dreamy compositions of the melancholic north. It was an unlikely source that gave birth to Piramida. The band recorded the natural sounds of the album a mere 1,000 km from the North Pole, on the islands of Svalbard, Norway.


3. The Interbeing

The tech metal rockers released their debut album back in May 2011, yet it remains one of the most interesting and revered metal releases in Denmark. Aggressive riffs combined with futuristic electronic synths, complex drums, and roaring vocals. This is a band not to be missed live, as their perfectionist attitude knows no boundaries. They recently wowed in their opening slot for American rockers Stone Sour.  


4. Tina Dico

Hailing from Aarhus, the City of Smiles, the singer-songwriter Tina Dico enchanted her massive fanbase with the release of her eighth studio album, Where Do You Go to Disappear? The album expresses a more self-assured and melancholic Tina Dico, where listeners are smitten by an undeniable peace and confidence in her songs.      


5. Eaggerstunn

Every year, Denmark nominates sun-drenched tunes to supply the soundtrack of the short-lived Danish summer. This year’s winner (along with Klumben and Raske Penge’s omnipresent ‘Faxe Kondi’) was ‘Kugledans’, a thumping reggae tune that is still an obligatory track at every celebration. Eaggerstunn released their debut album, a concoction of dancehall reggae with a politically-critic motive, in June to great praise.


The best of the rest:

6. Klumben & Raske Penge

7. I Got You on Tape

8. The Eclectic Moniker

9. Asbjørn

10. Linkoban


Check back tomorrow for our list of the top international albums of the year

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