Tivoli growing cheerful as it aims for the stars

One of Copenhagen’s biggest attractions is about to get a little bigger, adding three astronomy-themed rides

The Malo Seaways was hit by emergency flares over the weekeend (Photo: DFDS)
November 6th, 2012 11:04 am| by admin

When Tivoli gardens and amusement park in the heart of Copenhagen opens up for the 2013 summer season in April, guests will be able to enjoy a brand new astonomy-themed area.

‘The Cheerful Corner’, as the 1,200 square metre area will be named, will consist of three rides catering to all ages and inspired by 16th century Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe.

Located in the corner of the park facing Tietgensgade and Bernstorffgade, accross from Central Station, will cost close to 100 million kroner. Some 600 square metres are completely new, having been consolidated from a current outdoor staff area and the removal of a building. Also being removed is the The Large Watch children's Ferris wheel.

Aside from the three rides, the area will feature a sweet shop constructed in Dutch Renaissance architectural style, much akin to Copenhagen's Rosenborg Castle and the Børsen stock exchange building, an ice cream parlour and an establishment called the Drunken Moose.

The three new rides offer a little something for everyone. Daredevils can experience centrifugal forces upwards of 4G on the still nameless ride that features giant eagles twisting and turning up in heights of 11 metres. The ride is also found in New York, Portugal and North Korea

One of the other rides is an eight-metre drop tower, where children are lifted up in spaceships before dropping vertically while being rotated. The third new ride will be a classic Tivoli ride, The Little Flyer, which has been modified and redesigned as an interactive flying carousel where smaller kids can use a control stick to adjust the height of their flights, up to four metres.

Managing director Lars Liebst was pleased that Tivoli would be opening its first new ride since 2009, when fast-flying Vertigo debuted.

“Since 2009 we have updated a number of the existing rides, but we think that the time has come to give our portfolio a lift with new amusement-ride experiences,” Liebst said.

The unnamed ride, described by Liebst as “fun and wild” has a capacity of 400 trips an hour, while the other two rides have a capacity of 240 rides and hour each.

The news has also gained attention outside Denmark’s borders.

“It’s always a difficult task for Tivoli to expand due to the lack of space and the high quality that the theme park demands,” Justin Garvanovic, the head of the European Coaster Club, said. “The space is utilised in an elegant manner and the rides look fantastic. Few theme parks in the world would thematicise a theme park to such an extent, but I’m not surprised that Tivoli has done so.”

The new area will also contain around 1,500 new light sources, all modern LED lights, using only between 2,500-3,000 watts in total.

The Malo Seaways was hit by emergency flares over the weekeend (Photo: DFDS)
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