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May 3rd, 2012 5:10 pm| by admin

After a great turnout last year, the Copenhagen Salsa Festival is back. Continuing over the weekend, this festival is absolutely jam-packed with workshops, shows and parties.


There are 36 workshops on offer in different salsa styles and at four levels: beginner, intermediate, advanced and master class. Organisers say the goal of the Copenhagen Salsa Festival is to create an event that caters for everyone regardless of experience, dance level and style. Organisers want everyone to feel welcome and to believe that they can develop their dancing whilst sharing a good social experience in an open and budding atmosphere.


These workshops will be presented by some of the world’s best instructors and the festival will provide the perfect framework for improving and experiencing something new, all the while watching lots of great shows and dancing.


All the instructors are of the highest quality and have been invited to the festival not only because they are fantastic dancers but also due to their impeccable teaching abilities and their desire to communicate and share their dance – not only at the workshops but also at the parties.


Beginning Friday, the festival kicks off with a welcome party and various dance shows where people will have the opportunity to meet and of course dance with the instructors. This will take place at Kedelhallen in Frederiksberg. 


On Saturday, the much-awaited workshops will finally begin. There will be an impressive 18 workshops on this day, each an hour in duration. For the true beginners there are two classes to choose from on the day, both being held from 11am-midday. 


For those who struggle to stay in time with the music there are ‘salsa timing and music interpretation’ classes, which will be taught by Susana Montero – one of the premier teachers, dancers and choreographers in the UK and abroad. She has twice been crowned ‘British Salsa Champion’ as well as being awarded ‘Best Dance Performer and Teacher in the UK’ several times in the last 15 years.


For those who have their rhythm in time but are looking to spice up their dance style, there is ‘Cuban partner work’, which will be taught by one of Cuba’s most infamous dancers, choreographers and dance instructors, Juan Jose Ortiz.


Also available on Saturday are workshops such as ‘foot work and body movement’, ‘Cuban rumba’, ‘partner work cha cha’ and many more. Come Saturday night it’ll be time to practice new moves learnt throughout the day at the gala and show party that is also being held at Kedelhallen in Frederiksberg.


Hopefully the hangovers won’t be too bad come Sunday because there are many more workshops available on this day. The majority of workshops will suit those of all levels and include classics such as ‘partner work’, as well as more alternative workshops such as ‘Rueda De Casino’, ‘Salsango’ and ‘Pachanga’. 


Sunday night it’ll be time to wrap up the festival and farewell new friends with a party where everyone will have the opportunity to show off their newly acquired skills. The farewell party will be held at Søpavillonen. With a huge range of workshops available, the Copenhagen Salsa Festival is sure to ignite the passions of Denmark’s salsa dancers. For those who prefer trying out their sexy moves out of class, there is always the party pass available for 400kr that provides access to all three of the parties. 


Copenhagen Salsa Festival

Kedelhallen, Nyelandsvej 75A, Frederiksberg & Søpavillonen, Gyldenløvesgade 24, Cph K;

Fri (party only), Sat 11:00-17:45 (workshops), Sun 11:00-17.45 (workshops);

Full workshop access pass + admittance to all parties: 1,450kr, party pass: 400kr; 

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