Man who stabbed his daughters is English TV medium

Graham Bishop has appeared on several reality shows and claims to be possessed by the spirit of ‘Dr Karl’, a 19th century German physician

August 14th, 2012 10:52 am| by admin

The man who stabbed his daughters in Rigshospitalet has been identified as a reality TV personality by tabloids B.T. and Ekstra Bladet.

According to the tabloids, the man is 58-year-old Englishman Graham Bishop, a medium/clairvoyant who has appeared in Danish television shows such as ‘Åndernes Magt’ and ‘Klarsyn’.

Graham claims he can communicate with spirits by going into a trance and being possessed by someone who Graham calls ‘Dr Karl’. According to Bishop, Dr Karl is a German physician who was born in 1848 and began performing operations on people at the tender age of 12. Bishop claims that Dr Karl is his “main spirit guide” who uses Bishop’s body to help “heal” people in need. Bishop claims to have helped “many thousands of people across Europe and the USA” through Dr Karl. A video in which Bishop claims Dr Karl is speaking through him can be seen below.

According to B.T., Bishop moved to Denmark from Swindon, southwest England in 2000. He is described as being “active in the spiritual environment in Denmark”, which helped land him spots in the television shows ‘Klarsyn’, ‘Åndernes Magt’, ‘Troldmandsskolen’ amd ‘Ånderne vender tilbage’.

Bishop has a somewhat incomplete website, where he offers spiritual services, gives his personal background and details his connection to Dr Karl.

“All of my life I felt a bit of an outsider and I have experienced many things that seemed to have no practical explanation,” Bishop writes on his website. “It has been many years now that I have been honoured with sharing a very deep personal connection with Spirit Dr Karl, and work in the state of ‘deep trance’ (from my viewpoint a totally unconscious state). This particular spiritual ability is rare and so I am one, of only a few, able to offer this unique service of providing such strong and direct access to those in the spirit world.”

Bishop is accused of stabbing his four-year-old twin girls multiple times with a kitchen knife on Sunday afternoon at Rigshospitalet’s paediatric ward, where one of the girls was being treated for a long-term illness. The girls are in a stable condition at Rigshospitalet but remain on respirators.

Graham reportedly locked himself in the room with his daughters on Sunday afternoon. His wife notified police that he had made threats with a knife. After throwing himself out of the girls’ window, police kicked down the door to find that the girls had been stabbed. Preliminary charges were issued against him in absentia at Copenhagen City Court on Monday, where the girls’ injuries were described as “life-threatening” by the senior prosecutor Erik Hjelm. Bishop is being held in remand for 24 days and will face a judge once his physical condition stablises. He is also on a respirator at Rigshospitalet, due to having apparently stabbed himself in the stomach following the attack.

Bishop’s defence lawyer has indicated that his client will plead not guilty to double murder charges, but the lawyer said he has not yet spoken with his client.

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