7-Eleven stocking halal and kosher confectionery

“Oh thank heaven” for sweets minus pig proteins

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November 10th, 2014 10:15 am| by admin

Halal and kosher issues have ruined more than a few children's birthday parties over the years, but now help is at hand from 7-Eleven, which has just started selling confectionery products absolutely guaranteed to contain no pork byproducts.

The thought of a little swine in your sherbert dab or humbug might revolt many, but sweets very often have a gelatine base made from rendered pig hooves.

So it will be good news for the country's Muslims, Jews and concerned children's party organisers that 7-Eleven has started stocking the products of Cloetta Danmark, a Danish confectionery manufacturer.

Happier birthdays
The company's Goody Good Stuff range has already been approved by both the country's rabbis and also Dr Fuat Sanac, the head of the Islamic Authority.

And according to Cloetta Danmark, the range will soon become commonplace in every shop selling confectionery.

“We expect that large chains will begin to stock our products at the start of the new year,” Heidi Teschemacher, the head of marketing at Cloetta Danmark, told Ekstra Bladet.

“It would solve, for example, the problem of celebrating birthdays in classrooms with Muslim and Jewish children.”

The Goody Good Stuff range follows a recipe owned by an American inventor, Melisa Burton, who sold it to Cloetta last year.

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Other retailers, meanwhile, are beginning to focus on carrying more halal and kosher foods. Ikea now has a halal chicken sausage on offer at its food shops.



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