Roskilde picks: Day 3

With a schedule full of acts, it can be difficult to make choices. Our music writers give you their picks for today’s must-see concerts.

Sichlau's time of 13.56 is a new world record (photo: Facebook)
July 6th, 2013 9:08 am| by admin

Although it is known as much for the camping, the partying and the "orange feeling", believe it or not, for some people the Roskilde Festival is still all about the music. 


With a full schedule across the festival's seven stages, it can sometimes be hard to know when to go where. The Copenhagen Post offers our picks for each day's best concerts, but any Roskilde veteran would caution against planning your schedule too carefully. Part of the beauty of the festival is stumbling across new acts and stepping outside of your musical comfort zones. 


But if you are unfamiliar with some of the names on the schedule and want to know a little more, here are our picks for Saturday:


It will be a hip-hop extravaganza as Flatbush Zombies (pictured) join Action Bronson, Danny Brown and Joey Bada$$Action Bronson / Flatbush Zombies / Danny Brown / Joey Bada$$

16:00, Cosmopol

Action Bronson: Arian Asllani, also known as Action Bronson, is a New York-based rapper with an interesting story. Previous to his accelerating rap career, Arian was an esteemed gourmet chef in the Big Apple's culinary scene and his previous workings in the kitchen are clearly expressed in his works. Action Bronson leans towards the most unrefined, old school expressions of hip-hop, with an admirable nod towards the birthplace of the movement, namely New York. Releasing a new mixtape, Saab Stories ,this summer alongside Raekwon, Wiz Khalifa and Prodigy, there’s going to be plenty of press following its release so stay tuned. Michalis Nielsen / Daniel van der Noon


Flatbush Zombies: Although the emergence of the Zombies didn’t make it on to CNN, the release of their debut sent shockwaves through the hip-hop universe. Entitling their debut LP D.R.U.G.S. (2012) the inspiration behind their songwriting was hardly a secret. The blogosphere were the first to draw attention to the dawn of a new consciousness within the genre – namely the combination of hallucinogenic drugs and hip-hop. Moving away from ‘stoner rap’ and the age of Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, and Xzibit into a new, buzzworthy territory brimming with densely visual lyrics, intoxicating instrumentals and some outstandingly original rap, the Brookyln brothers’ eccentricity is paying off in dividends. The duo will also be joined by Action Bronson, Joey Bada$$ and Danny Brown on stage. Daniel van der Noon


Danny Brown: Don't let the wholesome-sounding name fool you, Danny Brown is not exactly a mummy's boy. This young rapper from Detroit was described by MTV as "one of rap's most unique figures in recent memory". In 2011 he released the album XXX and received amongst other Metro Times' 'Artist of the Year'. He will be performing alongside great hip-hoppers Action Bronson, Flatbush Zombies and Joey Bada$$. It will be hip-hop heaven, so if you have a passion for rap you don't want to miss this party. Sigrid Neergaard


If hours of yelling 'yo, yo, yo' aren't your taste, Efterklang provides a perfect alternative to the big hip-hop show Efterklang

16:00, Arena

In Danish, Efterklang is a word that connotes remembrance or reverberation. The shows of this Copenhagen trio are like those movie endings where what happens next is all up to you. At its simplest, Efterklang's music is beautiful, tenderly-crafted chamber/dream pop. It's the sort of music that you'd listen to at the end of a long and tedious journey or struggle, a pacifying current of contemplative influences replete with placebo effects.  Elements of remembrance and reverberation are sure to ensue in the wake of their show at Arena. Allan Mutuku-Kortbæk



20:30, Arena

Kvelertak translates to chokehold in Norwegian, and the Stavanger-based sextet literally put you into submission with their raw blend of rock and punk paired with hardcore tendencies and black metal influences. Their music is balls to the wall energy that is executed in a confident and humorous manner. Despite singing in their local Norwegian dialect, their music has garnered a significant international following. Michalis Nielsen


Will Metallica save the day as hoped by festival organisers, or will the band show its age? Easily one of - if not the- most anticipated concerts Metallica

22:30, Orange

Lars, James, Rob, and Kirk return to the Orange Stage after a ten year absence from the festival. With the late surprise announcement from Roskilde Festival, Metallica dethroned any of the previous headliners as the most anticipated show this year. Metallica's unbeatable take on thrash metal will surely please nostalgic metalheads, as well as those who simply want to witness one of the most legendary bands in existence. Michalis Nielsen


Sigur Rós

24:00, Arena

Sigur Rós are back at Roskilde Festival after a seven year hiatus. Their ambient, distorted post-rock influences are some of the most uplifting in modern music, echoing vividly with the creative, untamed spirit of the beautiful country of Iceland. Paired with the shaman-like falsetto vocals of the talented Jonsi Birgisson, Sigur Rós are a cut above most bands out there. Their latest album, Kveikur, was released in June which means that Roskilde Festival will be one of the first major tests for it. New album or not, the Reykavik-based trio will almost certainly be one of the best concerts of the year.  Allan Mutuku-Kortbæk


Chase & Status:

02:00, Orange

Returning to Roskilde Festival only two years after their last visit is Chase & Status. This year, however, they have been given the responsibility of filling out the largest stage of the festival, the Orange Stage, where their show promises to be a lot bigger, sweatier and hotter than the last time. The British duo are on top of their game and have recorded music with huge names such as Rihanna, Tinie Tempah and Cee Lo Green. A digital single of their latest song 'Lost & Not Found' is due to be released on June 30. Sigrid Neergaard


With the hype bestowed on Angel Haze, one would think she could walk on waterAngel Haze

02:15, Cosmopol

Though the name may suggest it, this American hip-hopper far from sugar coats her lyrics. She is best known for recording a cover version of Eminem's 'Cleaning Out My Closet' in which she raps about sexual assault. Already twice this year – on two consecutive days in January – she released songs dissing Azealia Banks. As the two artists will both be playing at Roskilde and even at the same stage, it will be interesting to see if they have anything to say about each other, as well as who manages to rock the audience the best. Sigrid Neergaard

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