Free of the daily slog, they ate like hogs and slept like logs

A weekend away at Molskroen Strandhotel is strongly recommended

What goes up, must come down … Especially in the Danish summer (photo: Pixabay)
July 12th, 2014 7:00 pm| by admin

A summer city break is all well and good, but after a few days of sightseeing and heavy traffic, I always find myself longing for some peace and tranquility. Most visitors to Denmark come to explore Copenhagen, but miss out on the beautiful Danish countryside with its characteristic half-timbered houses, its varied nature, the best beaches in northern Europe and some of the most exclusive hotels in the country. So why not combine your holiday in Copenhagen with a few days in the countryside?

A view of the bay

A perfect place to experience the Danish countryside is in the idyllic rural surroundings of Mols, which is both easy and cheap to reach with a combined bus-ferry ticket from Copenhagen. On one of the first hot summer days of the year, my companion and I left the city for a weekend in the country at its brand new seaside hotel: Molskroen Strandhotel.

The hotel – which, as the name suggests, is situated right at the seafront – oozes with what is best described as relaxed luxury. The interior leaves nothing to be desired when it comes to quality and comfort, yet the atmosphere is easy and unceremonious. The rooms – all modern, bright and friendly – are kept in the typical minimalist Scandinavian style with a touch of maritime colour and atmosphere. My companion and I stayed in one of the hotel’s two spacious suites, which came with a beautiful panoramic view of the bay.

After arrival and check-in, we were invited to enjoy a drink on the lovely terrace overlooking the sea, and afterwards we borrowed the free bikes that are at the hotel guests’ disposal and went for a cycle to the picturesque little town of Ebeltoft.

Spoilt for choice 

When we got back from our cycle, it was time for dinner. Molskroen Strandhotel boasts no less than two top-class restaurants: A Hereford Beefstouw and Molskroen Brasserie. The former is a premium steak restaurant and the latter is a French-style brasserie run by the illustrious chef Michel Michaud. We dined on the Molskroen Brasserie’s outdoor terrace. The food in the brasserie is simple, consisting of carefully selected ingredients. 

The menu is generally characterised by fresh seafood as well as some of Michaud’s signature dishes. It was very hard to choose which dishes we wanted as there were so many tempting options, but I can warmly recommend the marinated tuna, the confit de canard and not least Michaud’s famous chocolate cake, Gâteau Marcel, which is an absolute must for chocolate lovers.

Brilliant bed and breakfast

Satisfied and happy after an excellent meal and a beautiful sunset, we went back to our room. My companion watched a bit of TV, but I soon drifted off into a deep sleep. On the hotel’s website it says that all the rooms are equipped with luxury beds that “make the sleeping experience special”. Having tried the said bed, I can personally vouch for that statement and am now considering replacing my own bed!

Next morning’s breakfast fulfilled all expectations (make sure you try the French yoghurt) and gave us energy for another cycle. This time we went to the little villages of Femmøller and Øvre Strandkær and also stopped for a small hike. Being one of the most scenic parts of Denmark, cycling and hiking here is a true pleasure and a perfect way to spend a Sunday.

So don’t cheat yourself out of an encounter with the Danish countryside! At Molskroen Strandhotel you are guaranteed an exceptional experience where gastronomy, comfort and nature form a perfect synthesis – as well as a perfect antithesis to the hustle and bustle of city life in Copenhagen.

Molskroen Strandhotel

Hovedgaden 31A, Femmøller Strand, Ebeltoft; full board 1,200kr; 8636 2200,,

What goes up, must come down … Especially in the Danish summer (photo: Pixabay)
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