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12 Feb, 2016
3° Celsius

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Copenhagen to get its first car-free day in September

The deputy mayor for technical issues, Morten Kabell, has revealed the Danish capital will enjoy its first car-free day later… read more

Lowest petrol prices in Denmark in years

If you’re planning on a road trip in the near future, today would be a good time to fill up… read more

Dane arrested for ordering livestreamed rape of children

A 66-year-old Dane has been arrested for paying to watch sexual assaults against children in Asia, which were streamed live… read more

Turkish delights submerged in an ancient world of harmonic bliss

Valentine’s Day is approaching faster than the Midnight Express, so if you’re not sure what to get your other half,… read more

New honorary prize to recognise the victims of the Copenhagen terror attacks

The Danish Parliament will award the victims of last February’s Copenhagen terror attacks, Finn Nørgaard and Dan Uzan, a new… read more


How the bloodline of Frederik VII, the childless king, lives on

It must be with a certain tongue-in-cheek reverence that the friends of Danish citizen Else Margrethe Bondo Oldenburg Maaløe refer… read more


A debonair dozen to check out at Vinterjazz 2016!

Since last Friday, Vinterjazz has been welcoming music fans to venues all over the country. Its ambition, 600 concerts over… read more

At Cinemas: Hordes of films this winter holiday: Brooklyn, Trumbo, Zootropolis, Zoolander 2 and more

Half-term holidays mean we are inundated with an avalanche of new films covering the city’s cinemas. This is good news… read more

Art Exhibition Review: An Intimate Day of Paintings

Ever since the 17th century Dutch masters popularised the genre, interior paintings have been a common subject for European artists.… read more

This Week's TV: Smell my cheese, poor people!

  Pick of the Week: Rich Kids of Instagram DR3, Mon 20:40 What would you do with your life if… read more