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01 Mar, 2016
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Danish passport remains among most powerful in the world

The Danish passport is one of the most attractive in the world, according to the new 2016 Visa Restriction Index… read more

Bødker makes historic NHL move

After eight years on the ice in Phoenix playing for the Arizona Coyotes, Danish NHL star Mikkel Bødker has been… read more

Today's Date: Goodbye Jagtvej 69!

Today marks the ninth anniversary of the police’s eviction of the Ungdomshuset in 2007. This led to the worst riot… read more

Air in Denmark's capital getting cleaner

Public buses in Copenhagen and Frederiksberg have been polluting markedly less thanks to brand new filters that eliminate 95 percent… read more

American democrats in Denmark gearing up for Super Tuesday

With the US election race taking off in earnest this month, Democrats Abroad, an official organisation operated under the auspices… read more


Bit like that scene in The Godfather, but with more decapitations

It is November 1520 and the Danish king, Christian II, has just been crowned king of Sweden, thereby achieving his… read more


Early-March Art: Perchance to dream!

The Dream of Peace March 2-Nov 30, 11:00-17:00; Cisternerne, Søndermarken, Frederiksberg; 5kr; If you saw those stunning underground photos… read more

Early-March Music: She came up in lights and will go down in history

Ellie Goulding   Sat 5 March, 20:00; Forum Copenhagen, Julius Thomsens Plads 1, Frederiksberg C; 380kr When her debut album Lights… read more

Where everything is illuminated

Illumination   March 1-September 11, 11:00-22:00; Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Gammel Strandvej 13, Humlebæk; 115kr; The exhibition Illumination is… read more