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15 Mar, 2016
7° Celsius

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Denmark has one of the world's best energy systems

According to the latest Global Energy Architecture Performance Index Report 2016 (EAPI), Denmark ranks in the top 5 in the… read more

Danish kids playing less with their friends

When it comes to hanging out with friends after school, Danish kids don’t rank very well internationally, according to a… read more

Danes donate nearly 150,000 kroner to help people fined for smuggling refugees

Danes have raised nearly 150,000 kroner through a crowdfunding initiative on that aims to support people fined for smuggling… read more

Startling King Tut discovery in Denmark

There are few things the tabloids like better that writing about than the ‘Curse of the Pharaohs’, so it will… read more

Danish teenagers spending thousands on designer school bags

Danish schoolgirls as young as 16 are spending thousands of kroner on designer ‘school bags’, reports Metroxpress. Some are willing… read more


From sailors to kings: the birth of tattooing in Denmark

As tourists stroll up and down Nyhavn snapping photos of the ships and the architecture, most walk past the distinct… read more


And you thought Idi was the last king of Scotland!

CPH Dramatics’ maiden production, Iain Heggie’s one-man-show, promises to set a high standard for the company. This Fringe First-winning tragic-comedy… read more

Coming up Soon: Easter creativity, eating merrily and expat fun

Celebrate Easter creatively while meeting new people. Danish Easter is the next theme of The Arts & Crafts Club at… read more

At Cinemas: Carol and the sequel to Cloverfield

It’s the duty of a critic to direct their readership towards the best of cinema releases. Equally important is giving… read more

This Week's TV: Terror at the top

The Summit SVT2, Mon 22:15 or SVT1, Wed 23:30 Nick Ryan’s acclaimed 2012 documentary The Summit combines footage, interviews and… read more